There was never any question whatsoever at Risi Competizione headquarters, but for the public record, the brand valuation experts at BRAND FINANCE surveyed the Fortune Global 500 companies and selected Ferrari as the single most powerful brand in the world. The world. Number One out of 500 Global Brands.
It’s very big stuff, a huge honor, and you can read the story here.
Importantly, Ferrari won this honor against such global giants as GOOGLE, COCA-COLA, APPLE, and NIKE. How Ferrari achieved this standing in the world is no secret: an uncompromising attitude toward performance, elegant and beautiful design, a reverence for the history of the company coupled with a commitment to grow those core values in the 21st century, and constant, relentless improvements in technology for the benefit of Ferrari owners and clients.
Ferrari demands a high level of engagement from everyone involved with the brand—on the dealership side or in racing activities—and everyone who works with and for Ferrari understands going in that the standards are high and are expected to be maintained and exceeded.
But it works, as evidenced by the third party appraisal of Ferrari as the Most Powerful Brand in the world.
Racing a Ferrari requires a different level of commitment than racing any other automobile.
At Risi Competizione, we embrace the challenge of representing the most Powerful Brand in the world on the racetracks of the American Le Mans Series. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll see us appearing at a racetrack near you this season.

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