The Most Important Article of 2013

Steve Brill, a journalist who is also a lawyer, wrote the most important article of 2013. It was the cover story for TIME magazine’s 4 March 2013 issue. If you missed it…here’s the link. Read it, digest it, consider the implications, and then make a commitment to be involved in the coming (and necessary) American […]


Press Clippings.  How to pay for those after Christmas bills? From Bloomberg, a short video piece on the going rate for in-demand body parts on the black market.  Just in case you went way over your limit for gifts—or on margin in your stock accounts—there could be a solution readily available to you. One tip: […]


Paying Attention: Recently, Instagram announced a significant change to their service offerings: the ability to send photos directly to specific people, in a “user-to-user” distribution format. This is in direct contrast to Instagram’s normal mode of distribution which is one to many (Instagram Direct is one to one).  There are all kinds of interesting scenarios […]


One of the most amazing pieces of  journalism in the digital era, produced by the New York Times. The combination of immersive media and investigative journalism is both compelling and deep. Very much worth your time to read (and see, and pass on and ponder–especially if you ski backcountry). Click here.    


CNN is no longer the dominant force in news it once was. One reason is that Ted Turner is no longer in charge; Turner was a television visionary who never stopped improving and evolving. Another is the rise of Fox News and MSNBC. And still another reason the news network is struggling is the fragmentation […]