The Hidden Life of The Auto Show

Press Clippings This time of year is Auto Show time. All across the U.S., the big manufacturers unveil their latest designs and models. The Coolist site did a very nice job looking at the architecture behind the displays. These displays are beautifully produced and show the cars off to best advantage–why can’t automobile dealerships have […]

Dial Tones

Press Clippings: Google’s decision to sell Motorola to Lenova has everyone’s ears perked up. What does it mean for: Motorola? Google? Lenova? Apple? Samsung? Sony? Mobility? Cell phones? Too early to tell and the transaction still has to pass government scrutiny, but there are some reasoned responses out there and one of the best can be found at Give […]

Building Up The Trust Fund

  Press Clippings:  Investing is an important component of modern life. Whether you were born with money or made your own, the sooner you start investing, the better off you’ll be. Bloomberg.Com has just produced a very informative slide show that tells you which companies are projected to increase dividends the most over the next three […]

The Daytona 24 is the quintessential ‘crap shoot’ of endurance races

Risi Competizione’s Rick Mayer, Team Engineer, continues his tradition of writing a preview of what it’s involved in setting up a car for a race with this very insightful brief on getting the Risi Comp Ferrari F458GTC ready to run the 24 Hours of Daytona. For over 5 years, Rick has provided a unique perspective […]

The Macintosh is 30

Paying Attention: This weekend, Apple will have a big celebration for the Macintosh computer, which was announced 30 years today, 24 January 1984.  Since it’s creation, the Macintosh–it’s spirit, technology, innovation and attitude– has propelled Apple into a mammoth business that operates in industries ranging from software to music distribution and cell phones. Even though […]

Rolex 24 At Daytona Schedule

Below, the schedule for the 52nd running of the 24 Hours at Daytona, now called the Rolex 24 at Daytona (you will remember the iconic Daytona Rolex watch, eh?…made massively famous and desirable by Paul Newman, who raced at Daytona). Risi Competizione, the Houston-based Ferrari GTLM sports car team will be running the race in the […]

Apple Doubles Down

Paying Attention:  What most of the media have missed about Apple’s iPad is how well it works for creative people. The change in GUI/interface and the freedom created by a switch from a keyboard and mouse-based input model to touch screen input, enabled software engineers to re-think a lot of the software that was being used for […]