Ghost Busters Quote

HOTEL MANAGER:   What was it?  Will there be any more of them? STANTZ:   Sir, what you had there was what we refer to as a focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm or a Class Five Full Roaming Vapor….A real nasty one, too. VENKMAN (Starts writing a bill):  That’ll be $4,000 for the entrapment plus  $1,000 for proton recharge and storage.   […]

Harold Ramis: Groundhog Day, The Review

Press Clippings:  The last two posts have been about Harold Ramis, the great comic writer/actor/director, who left us way too early at age 69. (I would have loved to see what he could have done with the rich comic material of old age). Ramis’ influence was penetrative and subtle and so deft that even the […]

Harold Ramis Playlist

Press Clippings: Harold Ramis was a national treasure–writing, directing, and acting in films that defined both a culture and a generation.  Here’s a short list of his contributions to our time and a link to an overview of his amazing career. Stripes National Lampoon’s Vacation Ghostbusters Ghostbusters II Baby Boom Groundhog Day Caddyshack Analyze This […]

Olympic Briefing: The Final Medal Count

Press Clippings: We came. We saw. We faltered–at least in FIgure Skating and Speed Skating. Oh well. The Russians took the top spot with the most medals, but, well, it does seem a little fair–they were the hosts and they spent $50 billion turning  a seaside resort with close-by mountains into an Official Olympic Winter […]

Olympic Highlights : Get Lucky

Press Clippings: Who would have thought of this…The Red Army Choir (officially known as the Alexandrov Ensemble–which includes not just the Men’s Choir, but an orchestra and a dance ensemble)singing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” , a wonderfully decadent Western Capitalist dog song, at the opening ceremonies to the Olympic Games. You cannot make this stuff […]

Olympic Briefing: 23 February 2014 (The Last Day)

Press Clippings: A schedule of events for Sunday’s last day of competition and events at the Sochi Olympics, from the BBC. Times are GMT; adjust times for your own location. Check back here for updates and videos. Special Thanks to the BBC for developing this very comprehensive listing. S  O  C  H  I