John Frinzi: Not Looking Back

The Hunt For New Music:
“Living in this town ever since high school,
getting nowhere fast, feeling like a fool
He’s Been pushed and shoved and kicked around
Life’s been tough, getting knocked down
Tired of this town and just can’t stay
Driving down that dirt road just to get away
Up and down that road,
Dirt turns to pavement, he’s not looking back….”
Not Looking Back 
Stubbled across John Frinzi in a late night hunt for new music. His name had popped up when I was looking for caribbean/beach music. Pulled down a few of his songs and found that he’s an artist who cuts a very fine line between John Mellencamp and Jimmy Buffet. The spotlighted song here, “Not Looking Back”, carries a message I’m pretty familiar with–moving out of a small town and onto something bigger. A lot of us have been there, some more than most. Great tune that reflects a certain sentiment very well. It’s from Frinzi’s album Into the Dawn, featuring Doyle Gresham.  Frinzi has a lot of other good songs, but we’ll start with this one, and bring some of the others to the site a bit later.

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