Olympic Briefing: The Events


The logo of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. It is the first Olympic logo to have the web address embedded into the design.
The logo of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. It is the first Olympic logo to have the web address embedded into the design.

Paying Attention:  The 2014 Winter Olympics officially open on Friday, the 7th of February, but the first events (   Men’s and Women’s Snowboarding qualification and Team Men and Team Pairs short skating program) actually goes off today, 6 February 2014. To get prepped for the Winter Olympics–our favorite here at the Media Bunker because of all the cool technology, speed, and close proximity to real danger–we’ve produced a package of posts, blogs, and links created to give you some new insight into the most televised Olympic games of our time. NBC has been ramping it up for this one–the first to be done with their Olympic guru (Dick Ebersol) watching over the production. NBC will broadcast and stream all of the events from the Olympics. Because of the 9 hour time difference between Sochi and the United States, none of the events will be viewed live in primetime in the US, but if you have a tablet, computer, smart phone or  a cable tv connection, you can get all the Olympic coverage your heart desires.

To set the stage for the coverage that follows on this site–and for background on what to expect–below please find a list of all of the events of the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is an astonishingly ambitious list of sports and competitions, breathtaking in the range of athletic activities that are to be contested. At the end of the 2014 Olympics, we can count on having witnessed some very dramatic stories, a major comeback or two, some heartbreaking fails,  a few rousing final performances on the world’s biggest stage for winter sports, and the emergence of a new set of personalities, commercial endorsers, and media kings and queens. But here’s where they will start: the Events of the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Alpine Skiing
–Men’s downhill
–Women’s Super combined
–Men’s Super Combined
–Women’s Super G
–Men’s Super G
–Women’s Giant Slalom
–Men’s Giant Slalom
–Women’s Slalom
–Men’s Slalom
–Men’s 10KM spring
–Women’s 7.5KM pursuit
–Men’s 12.5km pursuit
–Women’s 10km pursuit
–Men’s 20KM individual
–Women’s 15KM individual
–Men’s 15KM mass start
–Women’s 12.5km mass start
–Mixed 4×6.5KM relay
–Women’s 4 x 6km relay
–Men’s 4 x 6.5km relay
–Two man
–Four man
–Two women
Cross Country Skiing
–Women’s skiathlon
–Men’s skiathlon
–Individual sprint free men’s
–Individual sprint free women’s
–Women’s 10KM classical
–Men’s 15KM classical
–4x5KM relay women
–4x10KM relay men
–Team sprint, classical men
–Team sprint, classical, women
–Women’s 30KM mass start free
–Men’s 50Km mass start free
Figure Skating
–Men’s Singles
–Women’s Singles
–Pair Skating
–Ice Dancing
–Team Trophy
Freestyle Skiing
–Women’s Moguls
–Men’s Moguls
–Women’s Slopestyle
–Men’s Slopestyle
–Women’s Aerials
–Men’s Aerials
–Men’s Halfpipe
–Men’s ski cross
–Women’s Halfpipe
–Women’s ski cross
Ice Hockey
–Men’s ice hockey
–Women’s ice hockey
–Men’s Singles
–Women’s Singles
–Team Relay
Nordic combined (ski jumping & cross country skiing)
–Men’s individual large hill
–Men’s individual normal hill
–Team Large Hill 4 x 5KM
Short Track speed skating
–Men’s 500 Meters
–Men’s 1000 Meters
–Men’s 1500 Meters
–Men’s 5000 Meter Relay
–Women’s 500 Meters
–Women’s 1000 Meters
–Women’s 1500 Meters
–Women’s 3000 Meter Relay
Ski Jumping
–Men’s Individual Normal Hill
–Men’s Individual Large Hill
–Men’s Team Large Hill
–Women’s Individual Normal Hill
–Men’s Slopestyle
–Women’s Slopestyle
–Men’s Halfpipe
–Women’s Halfpipe
–Women’s snowboard cross
–Men’s snowboard cross
–Men’s and Women’s Parallel Giant slalom
–Men’s and Women’s Parallel Slalom
Speed Skating
–Men’s 500 Meters
–Men’s 1000 Meters
–Men’s 1500 meters
–Men’s 5000 Meters
–Men’s 10,000 Meters
–Team Pursuit
–Women’s 500 Meters
–Women’s 1000 Meters
–Women’s 3000 Meters
–Women’s 5000 Meters
–Team Pursuit
Total: 98 Events. 

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