Olympic Briefing: Bobsled

Press Clippings: In an effort to get everyone pumped up for the Sochi Olympics,we’ll continue posting  videos  that highlight the top sports. Today, let’s go with something that always gets the adrenaline pumping: Bobsled. This time, with a twist, in a run with a bobsled designed/produced by German car maker BMW for the US Team (BMW is one of the major sponsors of Olympic coverage, so they are really, all in for the Winter Olympics. Good for them and thank you).  Hang on and push go. It is recommended that you run this one widescreen on your computer/laptop and with sound up (actually, that’s recommended for all of the videos). Bobsled (also spelled/called bobsleigh) runs in two and four person configurations. There are both male and female divisions. More information about bobsled can be found at this wiki . Also, here’s another great background video, courtesy of the Olympic Committee and hosted at YouTube.

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