Olympic Briefing: The Final Medal Count

Press Clippings: We came. We saw. We faltered–at least in FIgure Skating and Speed Skating. Oh well. The Russians took the top spot with the most medals, but, well, it does seem a little fair–they were the hosts and they spent $50 billion turning  a seaside resort with close-by mountains into an Official Olympic Winter Games site. Good for them, good for us, and good for the viewing audience around the world. Here’s how the medal count breaks down for the Top 5 Countries:
2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
Country        Gold          Silver        Bronze          Total
Norway            11                 5                 10                 26
U.S.                    9                  7                 12                 28
Russia              13                11                  9                 33
Netherlands   8                  7                   9                  24
Canada            10               10                   5                 25
The final medal count of the top 5 countries from the 2014 Sochi Olympics.  Surprise: there is a home field/track/hill/run advantage! For the detailed breakout on the finances and other metrics of the winning countries, we kindly direct your attention to our friends at Bloomberg, who knocked it out of the park (an old Olympic saying) with their final medal listing.

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