Olympic Wrap: The Medal Round, Short Track Skating

Men’s 500 meters: Gold: Netherlands, Michel Mulder; Silver: Netherlands, Jan Smeekens; Bronze: Netherlands, Ronald Mulder.
Men’s 1000 meters: Gold: Russia, Viktor Ahn; Silver: Russia, Vladimir Grigorev; Bronze: Netherlands, Sjinkie Knegt.
Men’s 1500 meters: Gold: Canada, Charles Hamelin; Silver: China, Tianyu Han; Bronze: Russia, Viktor Ahn.
Men’s 5000 meter relay: Gold: Russia; Silver: USA; ¬†Bronze: China.
Women’s 500 meters: Gold: China, Jianrou Li; Silver: Italy, Arianna Fontana; Bronze: South Korea, Seung-Hi Park.
Women’s 1000 meters: Gold: Korea, Park Seung-hi; ¬†Silver: China, Fan Kexin; Bronze: Korea, Shim Suk-Hee.
Women’s 1500 meters: Gold: China, Yang Zhou; Silver: South Korea, Suk-Hee Shim; Bronze: Italy, Arianna Fontana.
Women’s 3000 meter relay: Gold: Netherlands, Ireen Wuest; Silver: Czech Republic, Martina Sablikova; Bronze: Russia, Olga Graf.

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