Malaysia Airlines Flt. 370: ClickPak 24 March

Press Clippings: The information landscape on Flt. 370 is changing by the hour, as satellite analysis determines the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean with the conclusion that no one survived the crash. Here’s a good source list for deep background today, 24 March 2014.
 Flt. 370 Ended in Southern Indian Ocean  (Source: CBS News)
How Math Helped Find An Earlier Plane Crash    (Source: BBC)
Pre-Crash Malaysia Airlines Economic Performance: Not Good.  (Source: Business Week/Bloomberg)
Families Told No One Survived  (Source: NBC News)
Flaws in Flight Tracking: How A Plane Can Disappear   (Source: Scientific America)
Malaysia Airlines Continues Streak of Bad PR: Breaks Crash News to Families via Text        (Source: Gawker)

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