Keith Olbermann on David Letterman's Retirement

Paying Attention:  David Letterman–the thinking man’s late night talk show host–announced his retirement last week. It has reverberated throughout the media world in almost every corner of the globe because Letterman is one of the greats and in terms of the Emmy’s he’s collected over the years, certainly the most creative person to ever fill a late night talk show chair.
We’re not yet on the David Letterman farewell tour schedule (it hasn’t been posted) but as he has done with everything, Dave will change the dynamic about how to exit, just like he changed the dynamic about how to do a Late Night  Show. Before the inevitable Top 10 Reasons Why Dave Shouldn’t Leave Now  lists arrive, here’s a very good and very insightful piece by Keith Olbermann on Letterman’s retirement announcement. Well worth your time.

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