Nike Fuel Band ClickPak

Paying Attention:  The recent announcement by Nike that it was dismantling it’s “Fuel Band” group took a lot of people and companies by surprise. From the outside, the Nike Fuel Band, which is a “tracker” for kinetic activity, seemed to be a hit. It was great looking, featured the Nike design aesthetic, and had the power of the world’s largest sports marketing group behind it. But, apparently, behind the scenes things did not seem to be going in the right direction. Here, for reference, are links to informed comment on the situation, all worth your time. 
Nike Cuts The Fuel Band.  (Source: BRG)
Will Nike Become A Software Company?  (Source: Mashable)
Nike Exits The Wearables Segment.   (Source: Financial Times)
Backing Off: Nike Pulls The Digital Plug on Fuel Band. (Source: Business Week)
The Wearables Revolution is Over: Nike Kills The Fuel Band.   (Source: Yahoo Finance)
Apple + Nike Equals?  (Source: CNN)

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