Behind The Scenes: Bentley Films New Video With iPhone 5S.

Paying Attention:  It’s not secret that we like Apple. We have Apple phones, Apple Computers, Apple iPods, and Apple wireless systems. It makes things simpler to have it all in one domain and, yes, each operating system has it’s own benefits and, also yes, we’re conversant in all the operating systems (Windows and Chrome and Android) because, well, each has its’ own benefits. But Apple seems to have the most ambition about what can be done with its products and thus keeps pushing the boundaries out about what is possible. Here’s something that’s very possible: shooting a big time commercial on an iPhone 5S. The commercial is not just for anyone but for luxury car manufacturer BENTLEY. The quality is outstanding and the impression indelible: Apple’s digital qualities are rising by the minute. Nice piece of work but please stick around to the very end so that you can see some of the ways the iPhone was rigged for the shoot. Interesting stuff. Got an iPhone? Time to start shooting something serious. Have fun.

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