Van Morrison Live

The Hunt For New Music :  For years, the rarest of concerts was one in which Van Morrison performed live. Not that he was or is a poor live performer–to the contrary, like everything that Van Morrison does, he was absolutely terrific and his live albums have been cited as among the very best of any performer of his era. But, he had a problem: After years of touring, in the early 70s he contracted stage fright and it took quite some time to get him back on the stage for live performances. Part of the problem he faced was scale: Morrison’s early performances were to very small groups of 70 or 80 or 100 people. As he matured into a major international star, he was playing in front of tens of thousands of people. Obviously, he overcame–again– those performance issues. One of his greatest touring performances was at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008, where he performed live, for the first time, his groundbreaking album Astral Weeks.  Here, from that same concert, is Van Morrison doing “Common One”. Send it via CHROMECAST to your big screen and through your sound system and, of course, turn it up. 

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