Van Morrison Concert Weekend: Live On BBC Four (2008)

The Hunt For New Music: Van Morrison¬†does very few live ¬†concerts as all true Van Morrison fans know. And that’s precisely why this Memorial Day Weekend we’re putting up a selection of live Van Morrison Performances. This one is from a live concert at the BBC. It’s long–over 50 minutes–but superb, from BBC Four in 2009. The video is 59 minutes and 52 seconds long. One note: although this Concert Weekend is being delivered through this site, through gracious courtesies of YouTube and others, my recommendation is to view it the way we do here in the media bunker: on a flat screen, with the music running through your stereo/hi-fi system. You can channel the music to your flat screen using ChromeCast or via Apple TV or via direct wiring but either way you choose to go, it’s worth it. Now, time to roll: Here’s the set list (Not necessarily in order) for the BBC Four Concert:
Precious Time
Magic Time
I’m Not Feeling it Any More
Song of Home
End of the Land
Vanlose Stairway
Help Me
One Irish Rover
That’s Entrainment
Keep it Simple
Behind the Ritual
Special thanks to Mr.ScottWetherill. Length: 59:52. All rights owned by their respective owners.

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