Van Morrison Concert Weekend: Sense of Wonder (live)

The Hunt for New Music  “Sense of Wonder” with The Jim Condie Band (1988) . Here’s the original poster’s comments on the video:
Van Morrison was the surprise top-of-the-bill at the Fife Aid Festival outside St Andrews in June 1988. He didn’t want to bring his whole band so asked the negotiator, one Robbie the Pict, if he could arrange for suitable local musicians to join him. Robbie approached me as I’d done this sort of thing before. Needless to say, it wasn’t difficult finding the right guys! I had Mark Forshaw (then with Hue & Cry) on drums, Neil and Graham Weir (then with OMD) on brass, Nick Robertson (Fat Sam’s Band) on alto, and Liz MacEwan (ex-Tam White & the Dexters) on backing vocals. Van brought 3 of his band with him – they were Neil Drinkwater on keyboards, Clive Culbertson on bass, and June Boyce on backing vocals. We rehearsed with Neil D all day Saturday then again with Van on the Sunday, and by the Sunday evening we had an hour’s set together. Everything went perfectly – the sun even came out just as we started, it having rained all day – and we finished to an incredible sunset. Enjoy it as much as we did!

Special Thanks to the Fife Flier. The piece is  7:27.

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