How To Cover An F1 Race

Press Clips:   The F1 racing season is in full swing now with the most glamorous race of the season just concluded,- -the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo–and still a long season of competition and drama to come. The coverage of this race by The Guardian newspaper of England is a textbook example of how to cover a race or a sporting event. It’s exceptionally well organized, full of current information about the race as it happened and seeded throughout with very solid background information. Lawrence Ostlere wrote the Monte Carlo F1 piece for the and it’s very well done. Although this race is much shorter than the long endurance races I typically cover (12 Hours of Sebring, 24 Hours of Le Mans), Ostlere has taken the tact of providing many levels of detail while doing the high-wire act that is journalism on deadline, or, even more dangerously, journalism in real time. It’s a good read and instructional if you have any aspirations about covering sporting events. Enjoy. 

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