Information and viewpoints on the Sony Hack. Digital invasion by a foreign power or a brilliant PR strategy? Inside job or international scandal? Judge for yourself: here’s a ClickPak of coverage from a variety of sources. SONY THREATENS LEGAL ACTION AGAINST TWITTER¬†(source: SONY TO RELEASE “THE INTERVIEW” ON DECEMBER 25th.¬†(source: CAVED: CHRISTIE BELIEVES […]

The Logistics of Christmas Music

Big data is everywhere and it’s involved in more than you think. Do you believe the selection of Christmas music that you hear on the radio–or even that you buy–is just a random, ¬†traditional playlist composed of old favorites that are mixed and matched? Not quite. The number-crunching wizards at looked a little deeper […]


Christmas One More Time III: The Story Behind The Songs. 1. I Bought You A Plastic Star (To Go With Your Aluminum Tree), Michael Franks. Boy, can Michael Franks write songs and lyrics. There is an arch, wry, ironic twist to his music that just has no equal. I first discovered Franks in the late […]