Looking Back: The Lists of 2014

We define a year by what happens, what stands out, and what we remember. At the end of every year, there is a massive, multi-media attempt to catalog  the events, news, and entertainment of the year through lists:” the best of…”, “the most of..”, ” the biggest..”, etc. It’s a form of information shorthand–all you need to remember in list format. Well, now, there is  no need to search all over for those lists: Here, in one handy ClickPak, is a list of  the most interestings lists about 2014. Feel free to compile your own.
Top Movies of 2014. (source: guardian.com)
Best Diets (Source: U.S. News)
Best Art and Architecture Exhibits of 2014 (source: guardian.com)
Best To-Do Lists of 2014 (Source: forbes.com)
Technology Review for 2014 (source: techcrunch.com)
Best New U.S. TV shows. (Source: the guardian.com)
The 101 Best Songs (source: spin.com)
Time’s Top 10 of Everything for 2014  (source: time.com)
Best Fashion Moments of 2014 (source: style.com)
The best and worst investments of 2014 (source: bloomberg.com)
 The Wall Street Journal List of Best Books of 2014  (source: Wall Street Journal)
Most popular Sports Illustrated stories of 2014 (source: sports illustrated.com)
Google’s Top Trends for 2014. (source: google.com)
Top 10 Trending Searches on Google in 2014 (source: techcrunch.com)
And, finally, to put it all in perspective via metrics:
Are there too many Best of 2014 Lists?  (Source:fivethirtyeight.com)

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