“I’m up in the spotlight
Ohh, does it feel right?
Ohh, the altitude
Really gets to get to me…

I’m up on the tight wire
Flanked by life and the funeral pyre
Putting on a show
For you to see..”

–Tightrope, as performed by Leon Russell, Written by Stan Kenton.

Transitions. We lost Robin in 2014.  Robin Williams left behind a lot of really great performances from his film and TV roles and live appearances, but the epitome of his art–the extemporaneous, high-velocity, high wire, free-form/free-association humor that was his trademark–was much harder to capture (and thus preserve) because so much of it was an interview here and a TV guest spot there or a chance personal encounter with someone. His art and genius was humor  of the moment–explosive, careening, sharp, associative, random and, ultimately, transient humor and characters and mood materialized in a moment, then set free and gone.   That was the essence of Robin Williams and his very high art. There was one other person who had that same ability and genius and not surprisingly it was Robin Williams’ idol: Jonathon Winters. They shared the same gift and no doubt each understood all too well the turbulence within the other. It comes with the territory. One of the great vehicles for appreciating the genius of Robin Williams was to see him in concert. Here is a full concert from his ironically named “Weapons of Self Destruction” concert tour, captured in Washington, DC . It’s an hour and a half long and well worth your time. (Note: This concert is made available via YouTube and through the courtesy and generosity of HOME BOX OFFICE. All rights are owned by their respective rights holder. It is presented here for educational and review purposes). I suggest you make it an evening. You shall not see this type of genius again.

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