The Risi Competizione No. 62 Ferrari F458 Italia started sixth in GTLM class for today’s 53rd Annual Rolex 24 Hours race. Qualifying driver, Pierre Kaffer of Germany

Davide Rigon, third driver of the day, No. 62 Ferrari F458 Italia:

How were you able to battle back and get back in the race?
“To be honest the car is good and the problem is the traffic, which is an issue for everybody. Sometimes you get in with the Prototypes, and you are quicker everywhere and they are quick on the straight, so it is difficult to overtake and you are going to take a big risk. I am happy because we have a good car and we are in a good position. We need to keep this with the car and focus on the last five to six hours and we will be strong.”
How is the track right now?
“With new tires the track is quite good. After about 15 laps you start to have a big drop. I think that is from the temperature but I don’t really know why that happens. It starts to be slippery from the first corner and also the bus stop is tough. It is very easy to make a big mistake and we need to be concentrated and really focused.”

Giancarlo Fisichella, qualifying driver, No. 62 Ferrari F458 Italia:

On his first stint; hours 4 – 5 of race:
“We got on the pace and all of the people are very competitive. The BoP is very balanced and right before turn one I just lost the back of the car and unfortunately we lost our position but we are still on the lap and there is 18 hours left and we are going to fight and its going to be tough, but we are going to do our best.
We got some damage and we had a specific issue on the mirrors and had a vibration. We lost a bit in the straight because of the vibration, but it is not too bad. I’ll get a little bit of rest now then be ready to drive… let’s just keep going and see where we end up.”

Pierre Kaffer, qualifying and starting driver, No. 62 Ferrari F458 Italia:

On hours 1- 3 of race:
“So far, I think it’s been quite an entertaining race, which is something I think we all expected here this year since it’s such a special event. As for the GTLM class, the start and for my first stint everything was settling in. Unfortunately, the LMPC tires were not getting well heated so the cars started dropping back a little while they warmed up. The bus stop  (corner)this year is very slippery and since it was the beginning of the race some cars were spinning out there. Because there was a car between us, I could not see the DP that spun out. This was the highlight, you could say, for the team so far. I tried to miss the No. 66 and  just touched the mirror which was a bit of luck on our side.  The right mirror is not so nice  now and it’s tough to drive in the infield and be aware of all the traffic. Our spotter had to tell me everytime the cars
“It was good. I really enjoy the GTLM it’s really a great car to drive, especially the Ferrari and the Risi Competizione team is so perfect in everything. We lost a mirror and came to a pit stop and they got a new mirror on. I don’t know any other team who is able to do this. For them they are really, really, really good. Cross the fingers that for the last 21 hours everything will be perfect.”

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