The FIS World Skiing Championships Come to America

It’s the middle of winter and time for skiing–World Cup Skiing to be exact. The FIS World Championships to be even more exact.  Last year, at this time, we were headed  into the Winter Olympics (the opening ceremony was on 7 February 2014). This year, the Olympics are a memory but the series that keeps skiing in front of the public, keeps the athletes training and the sponsors involved, sets the record books and decides world titles,  fills the resorts on event weekends and pops up on TV with some regularity (if you know where to look) is back. World competitive skiing–specifically The World Cup circuit–is administered by FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski–another in a seemingly endless series of sports administrative bodies created and controlled by the French) is bringing the FIS World Championships to America. This is a very big deal.   The Wold Cup is to Skiiing what F1 is to automobile racing: the very best ski racers competting at the very best courses in the world. The competition calendar starts in October and runs through March.  The most important stop  it makes in America in 2014 is this coming week, at Beaver Creek in Vail, for the FIS World Championships. If you’re within driving distance, you should go. If you love to ski and want to see the best in the world test their nerves and technique on world class courses, you should go. The World Championship includes five (5) disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Downhill, Super-G, and Combined (a combination of times from Downhill and Slalom).  Want to go? (Who doesn’t)….Here’s a link to the events at Beaver Creek/Vail. And, to get you completely revved up, we’ll be posting the second edition of the Annual Winter Film Festival over the next few days, which combines a variety of competition and free skiing films, just to get you in the mood. The FIS World Championships at Vail/Beaver Creek. It’s really all downhill from here.

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