The Second Annual Winter Film Festival. The World Cup Downhill in Slow Motion.

Great, short, little film, that will give you some insight into the event a lot of experts believe to be the purest in all of Alpine skiing: the downhill. The concept is simple: get out of the gate and go down the course as fast as you can, testing muscle, nerves, stamina, and technique at very high speeds. When the downhillers wipe out…and they do…it’s always dramatic and dangerous. ¬†This film, via YouTube, has a nice combination of great technique and some spectacular wipeouts. It’ll give you a terrific appreciation for the athletes who take on the Downhill Course at Beaver Creek later this week. Dig in and hold on.
The fine print: Film via YouTube. All rights owned by their respective rights holders. No ownership implied or inferred. Soundtrack from Cloud Atlas. 

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