The Second Annual Winter Film Festival: Tempting Fear

Tempting Fear is a piece of dangerous art. The film, sponsored by Salomon (almost everyone who skis has skied on Salomon gear), follows extreme skier Andreas Fransson. Extreme skiing is dangerous. Backcountry skiing is dangerous. Skiing off-piste is dangerous. Skiing the trees is dangerous. Skiing is a dangerous sport (all the more reason to be in the best possible condition, use the best equipment, and develop the ¬†very best technique) but to some of us..that’s the attraction. Not everyone is going to be able to take it totally out to the limits but…everyone can take it to their own personal limits. This is a good one and, again, highly recommended on a big flatscreen.
The Fine Print: From YouTube, courtesy of Salomon. A Salomon Freeski film. Produced by SwitchBack Entertainment. The film is by Mike Dought and Bjarne Sahlen, who brought their “a game” to the project. Well done. All rights owned by respective rights holders.¬†

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