The Second Annual Winter Film Festival: The Art of Tuning Skis

Paying Attention. They are the people behind the people who win the events and get the gold medals and the glory: ski techs, also known in the sport as ski tuners. Often, by people in the sport, they’re called “racer chasers”. These are the ultimate enablers. The ski tuner is to skiing what the caddy is golf: without him (or her), the top performers can’t perform at their best.  They’re coaches, confidants, advisors, fans, technicians. The ski tuner has the ability to fine tune a pair of skis to specifically suit not just the snow conditions of the day, but the technique of the racers with whom they work. It is an arcane art and requires a master’s touch and insight into both mountain and skier.  Featured today–a wonderful short piece produced by the New York times for the Sochi Olympics of 2014 that brings some light into the very rarified world of the “racer chaser”.
The Fine Print: This film was produced as one of  a series done by The New York Times for the Sochi Olympics (and yes, you should get a digital subscription to The New York Times…they do a lot of really good things). The piece was produced by Alexandra Garcia and Brad Kimbrough and made available through YouTube. 

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