A Little Birdie Told Me

Paying Attention: Today it starts: the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Arguably the biggest collegiate sports event of the year. The top 64 teams in the country (as picked by a selection committee and performance in conference championships) will take the floor to begin the dance that is the NCAA Championship. Just getting into one of […]

Rapture: Blondie Live in New York City 1999

The Hunt For New Music: Blondie live was the essence of Blondie. The Records were great but the live shows were legendary. In 1999, Blondie came out of the shadows, again, to stage a live concert in New York City to promote their “No Exit” Album. It’s a 45 minute set and Debbie Harry –as usual–renews her […]

Reality TV

Press Clippings. Brian Williams stepped in it on 26 March 2013 when he “misremembered” being shot down in Iraq while being interviewed on the David Letterman Show. It was not the first such memory incident for Williams and it would not be the last, but while that statement disappeared like lines from most talk show interviews, a […]