The Closest Finish

In 2007, Ferrari and Porsche battled it out for the GT Championship at the world famous 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race. At the very end of the race, both cars were on the same lap and the battle went from car-vs-car to mano-a-mano. In the Number 62 F36o Ferrari of Risi Competizione, was Brazilian driver Jaime Melo, a Ferrari factory driver who quickly rose to become of the best sports car drivers in the world. ¬†Jorge Bergmeister was the driver of the other car,¬† the Number 45 Porsche 911 entered by the Flying Lizard team. It all came down to one last lap. Melo was trying to hold on to a lead; Bergmeister was trying to take it away from him. The result was the closest finish in Sebring history…a .20 second victory for the Ferrari.

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