A Little Birdie Told Me

Paying Attention: Today it starts: the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Arguably the biggest collegiate sports event of the year. The top 64 teams in the country (as picked by a selection committee and performance in conference championships) will take the floor to begin the dance that is the NCAA Championship. Just getting into one of the 64 available slots is an achievement; advancing deep into the tournament is an even bigger thrill. This is the biggest stage in college basketball, and before the tournament is ended, reputations will be made and lost, dreams will be fulfilled or crushed. If you’re not in a bracket pool with some of your friends…you’ve still got time. The first round of games begin this┬ámorning at approx 11:15AM Eastern. To help guide you in filling out your bracket, here’s one that represents the collective wisdom of the “Twittersphere”. Good luck and enjoy the tournament.

The Twittersphere has spoken. This time on who will prevail in the 2015 NCAAs.
The Twittersphere has spoken: This time on who will prevail in the 2015 NCAAs.

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