The Last Race of Stirling Moss, Easter Weekend, 1962.

The fabled English racetrack, Goodwood. Home to one of racing's most dramatic weekends.
The fabled English racetrack, Goodwood. Home to one of racing’s most dramatic weekends.

Racing. The 1962 Goodwood Tourist Trophy Race weekend, conducted over the Easter Holiday,  was one of the most spectacular race meetings of all time, bringing together the top racing drivers of the time battling it out in the era’s greatest sports and F1 cars. The race featured a brace of  legendary Ferrari 250GTOs (the Ferrari GTO has turned out to be the most valuable of vintage automobiles; one was sold at auction last fall for over $30 Million),  battling against factory Aston Martins and Jaguars. There were accidents –it was racing in the 60s–and one accident was historically important, as it involved the charismatic English driver Stirling Moss, considered by many to be the top driver of his era (despite the fact that he never won an F1 Championship), who suffered an injury so severe that a few months later, he decided to retire from the sport. The article linked above came through Mashable, but it’s got serious legs and has been posted on several other sites. It’s a very good read for those who love the golden era of the sport–when it was more about sportsmanship and competition and less about money and sponsorship. The photos included in the article are terrific (and horrific). The race will always be remember as the event that brought a close to the amazing career of Stirling Moss, a driver who won in every form of racing he attempted, from rally cars to F1.

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