Frank Sinatra Has A Cold

Frank Sinatra Has A Cold is perhaps the greatest profile ever written about Frank Sinatra. The article  was written by Gay Talese and published in the April 1966 edition of Esquire, when that magazine was at the center of  The New Journalism literary movement (deep fact checked articles written using the style and techniques most frequently identified with fiction). Gay Talese was one of the leaders of the New Journalism movement, whose members included writers as diverse as Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe, Joe McGinnis, George Plimpton, Terry Southern, and Truman Capote (among others). Today, 17 years, ago Sinatra died at his home in Hollywood, California and so it seems appropriate to revisit Talese’s groundbreaking profile of The Chairman of the Board.  Sinatra was one of a kind and, not surprisingly, he was given a one-of-a-kind literary tribute by Talese. Read and enjoy; it’s a modern classic on a modern classic. And, then later this month, the amazing events that brought me directly into the Sinatra circle of influence on the night that he died. But first, Talese on Sinatra: a great on a great. Wonderful reading. And don’t miss the extra ClickPak articles listed below.
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