Summer House

The Hunt For new Music.
First in a series of playlists for the summer. Play it loud and play it often.
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Notes on the selections.
1. Because it’s summer.
2. The right title (lots of us are at the beach) and it involves “Mr. Summer”, Jimmy Buffett.
3. Great song that can be perceived as either positive or negative, and also because Dusty Springfield blows it up with her vocals.
4. Midnight to Daylight is just a very good song.
5. From the original  Boy of Summer, Brian Wilson, back in form.
6. Billy Currington is a walkin’, singin’ good time.
7. Robin Thicke probably blew up his career with this song, but it was worth it (to fans).
8. Because man does not live by pop alone and, the very best way to see the genius of a musical artist is to hear them play something you’re already familiar with.
9. Summer fluff.
10. Great song by a terrific artist. The video is above.
11. A new classic from the Beach Boys; recorded, we presume, in between court sessions.
12. Daryl Hall (alone) is very, very good.
13. There’s something about Mexican beaches.
14. Great tune from Blake Shelton that sums up a lot of relationships.
15. It was a great song a year ago and it’s still a great song.
16. Keith Harkin does a classic Beatles song very well.
17. The soul of Salgado is good for the soul.
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of YouTube. Official video of “The Contortionist” by Garland Jeffries. Shot in New York City by Devereaux Millburn. Background Vocals by Lou Reed and Savannah Jeffries. All rights reserved by respective artists. 

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