Weekend Concert Series: Curtis Salgado

The Hunt For New Music. You can find the blues in a lot of places and in the case of this weekend’s concert series, we find it in the form of Curtis Salgado, from Portland Oregon, playing in a Blues Festival in Gaildorger, Germany. You may not have heard for Curtis before, but like a lot of blues, rhythm and blues, and soul singers, he’s paid his dues with a lot of travel and appearance in a lot of bands. Salgado played with Robert Cray for six years and then played the under-the-radar-band Roomful of Blues. He’s toured with Steve Miller and Santana, an indication how respected he is by some of the best musicians of our time.
What you may not know about Salgado was that he was the inspiration behind the Blues Brothers, the famous blues (tribute) band created by John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd. Salgado met Belushi when Belushi was in Oregon filming Animal House (certainly one of the great comedies of all time); the combination of the two personalities created a cult classic film (The Blues Brothers)  and a top selling album (Briefcase Full of Blues).
Salgado was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2005 and a series of benefits were held to help pay for his medical treatment. The guests musicians included Robert Cray, Taj Mahal, Steve Miller, Jimmie Vaughn, Everclear, and Charlie Musslewhite, among others.  Salgado has survived and evolved as one of the great artists of our era. In 2010 he won the Soul Blues Musician of the Year (and won it again in 2012) and in 2013, won the B.B. King Award as Entertainer of The Year.
Curtis Salgado knows the blues, has lived the blues, and can sing the blues. But don’t take my word for it.
Here’s his concert, from 2013 at the Gaildorfer (Germany) Bluesfest. The Full concert is included, so this is not just a single clip.
As always, bump it to the big flat screen (we use Chromecast off of Mac computers ) and through a big sound system.
Turn it on, and turn it up.
Thanks for listening (and watching).
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