The Weekend Concert Series: Amy Winehouse, Glastonbury 2007

The Hunt For New Music: Amy Winehouse died on 23 July 2011. At the time of her death she has completed and released one terrific album (“Back in Black” ) and produced a series of searing, scintillating, musically-exciting concerts. As good as the recorded songs were, Amy Winehouse was such a force of nature, that the only way to get full impact of her talent was to see her live. A new documentary on Winehouse has been released and her producer on “Back to Black”, Mick Ronson (maybe you know him for Uptown Funk, which he did with Bruno Mars) had nothing but great things to say about the amazing talent that was Amy Winehouse.  Asif Kapeda’s film, Amy, was premiered at Cannes and is powerful, intense, and revealing.  Like many great talents, Amy Winehouse left way too early, but that type of tragic ending all too often goes with the kind of dancing on the edge of life that is so much a part of the artist’s temperament.  She produced but three albums–the final one containing previously unreleased material and was recognized as a major, international music star in 2008 when she won five (5) Grammys for the Back to Black album. Up today: Amy Winehouse’s concert in Glastonbury in 2007 (a couple of posts on the piece said it was 2008…but..we’re going with the date provided by the person who posted the vide0). It’s an incredible piece of work, and has had over 4.0 million views on YouTube.
 The setlist is below:
0:00 Addicted
3:14 Just Friends
6:30 He can only hold her
10:05 Cherry
12:57 Back to black
17:35 Wake up alone
22:10 Love is a losing game
25:28 Fuck me pumps
29:20 Cupid
33:05 Hey little rich girl
37:20 Monkey man
41:20 You know i’m no good
46:05 Rehab
50:33  Me and Mr Jones
54:10 Valerie
As with all The Weekend Concerts, bump it to your flat screen, run it through your stereo, and turn it up. Amy’s talent is amazing and her loss is painful to fans, musicians, and friends. It’s always that way with one-of-a-kinds. You can’t replace them.

The Fine Print: Video embed courtesy of YouTube. Published on 14 January 2014. This concert is in Full HD with very good audio, may available by Adrian RGT, who also produced the setlist and timing.  All rights reserved to the respective artists. 

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