The Most Important Article You Will Read in 2015: What is Code?

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Paying Attention: From, here’s the link to Paul Ford’s amazingly interesting and totally necessary article: What is Code. 
The reality of the world we live in now and the world we will live in tomorrow and the future is that everything is increasingly controlled by software. Digital instruction will soon be embedded in almost everything you use and it’s time to get a better grip on what programming (code) is, how it works, and how you’re at the center of a software/coding revolution.
If you didn’t understand it by now,  all of this increasing computerization is requires a totally new form of literacy: code literacy. Code literacy will very quickly be more important than language literacy. It’s coming, it’s unavoidable, it’s future, and you might as well go all in.
And, to bring it all home in the way that only experience can provide, here are two sites, very, very highly recommended, where you can learn to code, online, at your own pace.
Have at it. The future is at your fingertips.

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