Turn It Down: Apple Music Loses A Top Executive

According to a post on re/code.com , Ian Rogers, former CEO of Beats Music (before it was bought by Apple) and one of the key players behind the launch of the Beats1 streaming service, has left the company. No reason was given, but certainly, the stress in that sector of the music business (i.e. failure to gain […]

The Night Shift: The News While You Slept

Press Clippings: The Increasingly Fatal Flaw: Hilary’s Email Problem (source: New York Times) Deadly Immigrant Crisis in Europe (source: BBC) Daryl Dawkins, the NBA’s “Chocolate Thunder”, Dies (Source: si.com) The Day by The Numbers (source:fivethirtyeight.com) Morning Sports Report (Source:si.com)

The Color of Money

Paying Attention: For years, a collection of Pantone color swatches marked the difference between highly professional art directors, designers, and painters and their amateur counterparts. Pantone is a company in the color business, and, early on, they were smart enough to provide a quantitative component to the qualitative judgement of “color”.  This is done through […]

The Nightshift: The News While You Slept

Press Clippings: Overnight News From Around The Globe The Bounce Back: Wall Street Rebounds (source: Bloomberg.com) The Day By The Numbers (source: fivethirtyeight.com) Latest on The New Crew Killings (source: New York Times) Morning Sports Report (source: SI.com) A New Writer Revives “The Girl” Series  (souce: New York Times) Repairing Mt. Everest (source: BBC)  

The Nightshift: The News While You Slept

Press Clippings: Monday, 24 August 2015 North Korea and South Korea: At It Again.  (Source: New York Times) The Global Market Meltdown (Source: BBC) An American View of a Brutal Economic Market (Source: Bloomberg) Fifty-One Year Old Davis Love III Wins the Wyndham Golf Championship (Source: Golf.com) Morning Sports Reports: Injuries, controversy, scores (Source: ESPN) Significant Numbers […]

The Nightshift: The News While You Slept

Press Clippings: Sunday Morning 23 August 2015 Joe Biden Takes A Closer Look at Running For President (Source: Bloomberg.com) Twin Pandas Born At The National Zoo (Source: New York Times) The Final Round: Tiger Woods In The Hunt Again (Source: Golf.Com) Control Your Home With Your Phone (Source: Cnet) Overnight Sports Report (Source: ESPN)     […]

The Art of The Movie Trailer: The Martian

Paying Attention: Matt Damon and Kristin Wiig are the stars in a new space epic coming in October, about an Astronaut who is left behind on a mission to Mars– a very frightening possibility for everyone but the screenwriter and director. Here’s the first movie trailer for The Martian. It’ll give you plenty to think about.

Night Shift: The News While You Slept

Press Clippings  Saturday, 22 August 2015 The market goes down and down and down  (Source: Bloomberg) Americans Stop Gunman on European Train  (Source: CNN) The Incredible After-Life of Helen Gurley Brown (Source: New York Times) A Short Course in Wall Street and Silicon Valley (Source: New York Times) Tiger Woods Makes His Move (Source: Golf.Com) […]

Night Shift: The News While You Slept

21 August 2015 Press Clippings: Select overnight news dispatches. Five Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today  (Source:Bloomberg.com) Significant Digits: 538 On Numbers That Count (Source: 538.com) How Universal Took Over The Movie Box Office  (Source: NYTimes) Google Re-Brands (Source: NYTimes) Henry Kissinger on The U.S., Russia, and Ukraine (Source: RT.com) Good Copy: Tiger Woods Shoots 64 at […]