String Theory

Press Clippings. It’s U.S. Open time, we’re headed past the quarters and into the Semis and the level of play is rising with every shot. This is when major tennis gets very, very serious. There could not possibly be a better time to point you to one of  very best pieces on Tennis (with a capital T), which is David Foster Wallace’s classic “The String Theory”, originally published by Esquire Magazine in July 1996. David Foster Wallace, author of the novel Infinite Jest was a brilliant writer and a national class tennis player who was eventually overrun by his own talent–he committed suicide on September 12th, 2008. Sometimes when you perceive too much, it becomes too much. He is not the first great writer to meet that very sad end and his too-early exit did not in any way diminish his talent or the work he left behind or our appreciation for his gifts.  A movie about the un-visible–the talent and mind of a great writer–and David Foster Wallace is out now, starring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg.  It’s called “The End of the Tour” and it’s worth your time because David Foster Wallace is very much a writer you should read and the movie provides some depth of understanding of  his complex persona. Start by reading the piece from Esquire.  It is superb–all the more because it was written by someone who played tennis at a high level and understand the game.  One more thing: read the footnotes. They are integral to the piece and Wallace’s presentation of the story and information. David Foster Wallace is serving. You are receiving. It’s going to be major.
The Fine Print: David Foster Wallace’s “The String Theory” piece was originally published by Esquire in July of 1996. The End of The Tour trailer is via embed from YouTube. All rights belong to their respective rights holders. We thank Esquire, YouTube, and the producers of The End of the Tour, for sharing.

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