This piece was written by Michelle Sanchez, who is one of the Young Journalists working at the Lone Star Grand Prix this weekend under a project sponsored by Risi Competizione, The University of Texas School of Journalism,  and Circuit of the Americas. Michelle will be posting articles throughout the race. Michelle Sanchez is a journalism major at the University of Texas. 
AUSTIN, TX – The Circuit of the Americas is featuring the Lone Star Le Mans Grand Prix  this weekend and among the many different car brands in the race, Ferrari is the one that stands out to spectators. Not only is Ferrari known for its fast sport cars complete with candy red coat and signature horse logo, but they also known for relentlessly improving the breed  and so this fall are developing a new race car to add to the company’s long line of  racing models.
Former Formula One driver Giancarlo Fisichella has been driving the No. 62 Ferrari 458 for Risi Competizione for the past two years now, alongside  Pierre Kaffer. and notes that Michelotto who manufactures the vehicles for Ferrari will release a new racing model next summer, the Ferrari 488 GTE.
Fisichella who has test drove the Ferrari 488 GTE says the new racecar model is in its early stages and is currently a pilot or development car, but is very excited for the finished product.
It’s difficult to say what or how the new Ferrari 488 GTE series will look like or preform on the racetrack, but Fisichella knows enough to describe some of the new features.
“We are looking forward to a better grip to the car, and the shape of it. It’s also important to be as comfortable as I can be.” The Ferrari 488 GTE is still in the development stages but Fisichella is positive that the car will be the easiest to get in and out of.
Fisichella has driven Ferrari’s for most of his career. He has previously driven  the Ferrari 430(GT2)  and the Ferrari 458 in GT racing. As a former Ferrari F1 driver, he logged over 100 races.
According to, Ferrari mechanic Miles Bradley,  the Ferrari is one of the most interesting cars to work on because it’s custom made from inside out. Ferrari designs are always built around racing and that many advantages for both and track cars.
“ It takes six hours to change the engine in a Corvette and about 45 hours of a Ferrari, ” says Bradley.
It is safe to say that the new Ferrari 488 GTE series won’t let spectators down when it comes to performance.

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