Paying Attention: In the midst of all the hoopla about what Back To The Future has been to the American Culture (spurred on, no doubt, by the October 21, 2015 future date seen in the film series second part) we might have forgotten what Back to the Future might have been, if another actor, Eric Stoltz, had remained in his role as Marty McFly.  New York Magazine nailed the backstory of how the movie franchise removed Stoltz and replaced him with Michael J. Fox. Maybe you knew about the big replacement(the film was in production and a lot of footage had to be reshot); maybe you didn’t. But in any case, it’s a terrific read. And the moral of the story is…….method actors don’t do comedy particularly well. The second moral: Michael J. Fox was the right guy.
The Fine Print: Photo of mural on a brick wall by Gary Knight, via Flickr, taken by Gary on 16 June 2012. Used under Creative Commons license. The photo has not been altered. Thanks, Gary, for Sharing. 

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