Trailer: Man From Uncle 2

The Art of the Movie Trailer. ┬áThe Man From U.N.C.L.E., a movie remake/update of the very popular 1960s TV series, didn’t spend as much time in the movie theaters as the producers had hoped. Why is a bit of a mystery. The film was directed by Guy Richie (Madonna’s ex and one of the best action directors working today–he directs the Sherlock Holmes films) and starred Jim Cavelle ,Armie Hammer, Hugh Grant, and Alicia Vikander, with a very sharp script by Sergio Pizzorno. Critics were surprised by the light touch, sharp script and acting, and a mood that referenced the past but was not slavishly absorbed by it. So, the question is…why this movie trailer now? The movie has been in theaters ($45M gross vs. $75M shooting budget) and wasn’t a big hit. But films have a second life and this one is coming back, to Cable, DVD, streaming and any other form of media that can handle a feature length high def film. If you missed the first time around…don’t miss it the second. You’ve been given advance notice–there is no excuse.

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