COMT II: Listen To The Season

The Hunt for New (Christmas)Music: The second of our traditional rocking -for -the -holidays Christmas Playlists…..Christmas One More Time II. Also, with this list, the practice of adding songs that have a spiritual component–but are not necessarily traditional Christmas songs–begins. You can enjoy the entire playlist through the courtesy of our friends at Spotify via Spotify’s […]

COMT I Liner Notes

The stories behind great songs can be just as interesting as the songs themselves. Here are some notes on each of the songs included in the COMT I playlist. First, a short discourse on why Christmas and Holiday music seems magical.  The easy answer is….it’s traditional. Christmas music comes out of the box once a […]

The Very Best Apps For The Mac

Paying Attention: It’s the Holiday Season. You’ve been good. You’ve been bad. You’ll be getting  stuff. (“everybody’s getting sumpin’”).  Maybe you’ll getting a new Mac for Christmas. If you do, after it’s unpacked, plugged in, connected, and configured with software, you might want to check out this list of the very best apps for the Mac, […]

COMT I (Christmas One More Time)

The Hunt For New (Christmas)Music: For over a decade, I’ve been putting together a Christmas playlist. The goal is simple: Introduce friends to new Christmas music they probably haven’t heard, or old Christmas music performed in a new version by a new artist. In the spirit of Christmas, it’s time to share these lists, all of […]

The Etiquette of Christmas

Paying Attention: It’s Official: the Christmas Season is on. There are ground rules and just in case you didn’t get the memo, here’s a refresher course. to the guidelines to what should be (but often isn’t), the most polite, kindest, generous, and thoughtful time of the year. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a terrific holiday. And […]


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Other Points

ALSO AVAILABLE NOW RISI COMPETIZIONE 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 FULL RACE SEASON KEY POINTS TO CONSIDER   Build your brand/name awareness with Risi Competizione Racing with Ferrari.   Build a winning image for your business among your targeted audience.   Build management and employee trust and morale.   Racing with Risi Competizione offers huge […]

Ferrari Factory Tour and Ferrari Purchase

FERRARI FACTORY TOUR AND PURCHASE OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE Ferrari Factory Tour and Lunch at Cavallino Restaurant in Maranello, Italy Two-Day Ferrari Track Event and Use of the Enzo Ferrari House for Reception and Lunch at the Fiorano Circuit, Fiorano Modenese, Italy, Ferrari’s Formula One and Customer New Car Test Track Availability of Preferred Purchase Opportunities on […]