LV's new exhibit

Paying Attention: The Brand Train continued it’s very long run at the top of the social “got to have it list” in 2015. But as anyone who’s ever been on top can tell you, uneasy is the head that wears the crown. So the only correct thing to do is to double down and press your advantage while you have it, hoping to not just maintain but build market share (there is the famous story of how The Coca-Cola Company increased advertising and marketing in down times┬áto gain market share while the competition cut back because they didn’t want to spend the capital…and then, when the markets returned to normal, the competition found that Coke had built up their market share to yet another high level –one that was now exponentially more expensive to attack) . If you’re Louis Vuitton, you show everyone your market power by opening a new exhibit in the City of Light. Which is precisely how winners maintain their market presence and share through brand evangelism and promotion.

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