The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: Ski Priority 1. Centered Balance

Paying Attention: The Olympics are gone in spirit (mankind coming together for the greater good) and deed (Gold Medal performances heavily offset by the Russian invasion/annexation of Crimea and soon to be annexation of Ukraine) but our love for skiing is not tied to the Olympics. It’s a year round thing, and spring is here and we still want to ski and ski better. To promote better form on the slopes (we have to look at you and want you to be stylish) and better performance (the enjoyment of all sports improves with mastery), we’re going to run a series of six instructional videos from BASS that cover the skiing basics in, well, rather basic form. But–and this is the key–since much of athletic mastery is based on muscle memory, and since it’s advisable to have good athletic performances to memorize for your own benefit, please pay attention and raise your game. Today, the starting point: Centered Balance. No balance, no ski well, so heed the subhead and…Pay Attention. 

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