The Snow Weekend Concert Series: Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004

The Hunt For New Music: It’s a winter weekend. Maybe you’re stuck inside because a blizzard is raging outside. Maybe you don’t want to watch the NFL playoffs. Maybe what you want to watch is a little blues, a lot of Eric Clapton, a bunch of good music played by very accomplished musicians—each of them a guitar ace. That your wish? Here’s your answer: Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, 2004. The festival was started by Clapton to fund the Crossroads Center  a drug treatment center in Antigua; the very first concert was in 2004. Who will you listen to: Clapton, Buddy Guy, James Taylor, Jimmy Vaughn, Robert Cray, Steve Vai, Joe Walsh, ZZ Top, Carlos Santana. Just listen to the darn’ll get it. As always, kick it to the flat screen (CHROMECAST works really well), punch the audio through your stereo system(we use big McIntosh amps and Wilson Audio Speakers) and get engaged. A wonderful way to spend an evening or a snowy Sunday.
The Fine Print: Embed Courtesy of YouTube. Posted by Remy Tena. All rights reserved by their respective artists. Thank you for sharing. 

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