The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: Ski Priority 2- Changing Edges

Edgework:  Skiing is about edges. It is the edge of the ski cutting into the snow which enables the turn. The speed at which you can change edges is important: do it fast enough and you’re probably a slalom racer. If you don’t do it fast enough-or with enough confidence–you can find yourself in trouble in a hurry. Here’s the second in the BASS Network’s Ski Priority series (No. 1 is on Centered Balance), and this one is on the big one: changing edges. Sharpen up your technique by giving it a look. (Insider tip: if you really want to master changing edges, you are encouraged to seek out a slalom course and devote a day–or two, or three or an entire season–to running gates.  Not only will you sharpen up quickly, it’s great and very disciplined run.
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy YouTube (thanks, guys). Posted by BASS Network. All rights belong to their respective rights holders. Thanks for sharing and ski safely. 

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