The Best Books On Presidential Elections

Paying Attention: It’s an election year and we’ve never seen one quite as unpredictable or contentious. Under the circumstances, it’s a good idea to have a solid frame of reference for the way these things (used to) work. Below: six of the best books ever written on the American Presidential process. You should read each and […]

The Valentines Playlist: 2016

You’re in a relationship. You need a soundtrack. Here’s a start.   This year…there’s a playlist (above) of some great Valentine’s day songs. But…if you scroll down to the next post…the playlist is available and playable via the miracle of Spotify (thanks, guys). So…Look at the list, scroll down, listen to the music. And enjoy. […]

Concentrate: ADHD Does Not Exist

Paying (Not Enough) Attention: Ran across this piece sometime ago and then again in looking through the archives of the site, and thought it deserved some attention (rather ironic that my attention slipped to something else, is it not): It’s on ADD/ADHD, a condition that sometimes seems a bit like an epidemic today, and  the […]

What Happened in New Hampshire

Press Clips: More commentary and different takes on the New Hampshire Primary. FiveThirtyEight.Com Podcast on New Hampshire Primary.  How It Ended for Chris Christie. A Meteoric Rise Comes To a Stop. New Hampshire: The Takeaways Now: Dirty Tricks Begin Sanders Did It All Right  Hillary Panics    And…don’t forget to check out the daily NightShift post, […]

How to Invest Like The Donald

Paying Attention: One of the great things from the extended theater of the absurd that is an American Presidential Year in the 21st century are the financial disclosures that candidates must make. It’s not exactly leveling the playfield between them and us–or between the candidates themselves–but it does provide some carefully (artfully) edited disclosure on their […]