How to Invest Like The Donald

Paying Attention: One of the great things from the extended theater of the absurd that is an American Presidential Year in the 21st century are the financial disclosures that candidates must make.
It’s not exactly leveling the playfield between them and us–or between the candidates themselves–but it does provide some carefully (artfully) edited disclosure on their financial provenance. Who has what, and where did it come from.
The different candidates have vastly different financial stories to tell, but let’s face it: mostly this year, ¬†we’re interested in Donald Trump and how he invests his money.
Well, now you can know. This great piece from Investopedia details where The Donald invests. Give it a read and see how your portfolio stacks up. Special thanks to Investopedia (which is a great site for financial knowledge, education, and news that you really should track) for digging this out

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