The Weekend Concert Series: Chris Isaak

The Hunt for New Music: Chris Isaak is a major talent. He has a style that’s a little bit country rock, a little bit Elvis, and a lot rock & roll. With his country & western style suits he’d be right at home on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry or in Madison Square Garden. Not easily defined–musically or in terms of talent and that’s a good thing–Isaak has a lot of creative bandwidth as a song writer, an actor, a performer, and a producer.
The very best way to get a handle on Chris Isaak is the most straight forward: just listen to his music. We’ve made it very easy for you, with this superb concert from Sound Stage ,which features great HD Video along with sharp editing and superb sound.
As always with the Weekend Concert Series: bump it to the flat screen (Chromecast works great) and run the audio through your sound system (we recommend McIntosh amplification and Wilson Audio Speakers). One other thing: turn it up.
The Fine Print: Embed via YouTube. Originally on SoundState. All rights belong to their respective owners. Alex Nikitenko made this concert available. Thanks to all–especially Alex–for making it available. 

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