Nation Building

Press Clippings: For more than a decade, American Politicians have used the term “nation building” to imply a form of outside assistance to a “failed state” that would help to rebuild it. Sometimes this assistance was delivery by the military, after a despotic regime was deposed; sometimes the aid came in the form of a […]

Doves Cry

Embed from Getty Images   Transitions: Prince (1958-2016). Prince Rogers Nelson, know to his fans throughout the world as Prince (when he wasn’t going by the title of “the artist formerly known as Prince”) was found unconscious in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate/recording studio complex outside Minneapolis today. Attempts to revive him failed; […]

Think Like Google

Paying Attention: It’s complicated. You probably use Google everyday, but do you spend a lot of time sorting out how Google finds out all that neat info you requested (hint–it has to do with distributed computing across a zillion platforms using  proprietary software, not just proprietary algorithms). What if we told you that the language […]

The Perfect Investment Manager: Quantitative. Unemotional. Never Sleeps.

Paying Attention: Is your hedge fund (or mutual fund) being managed by a robot? If so, lucky boy. The bots have a couple of advantages over the Masters in Applied Math grads from Hopkins who used to look after your portolio. To those who thought that robots couldn’t take over their Portfolio Manager position on […]

How to bring an old laptop back to life

Paying Attention:  If you  have one computer, there’s a good chance you have more than one: specifically an old laptop that’s past it’s OS life. It happens. No matter how much you update, no matter how much you upgrade, sooner or later you reach a point where that once-treasured-and-essential-laptop can no longer take another round of […]