The Marker: The Incredible Story of Jeff Knox

Paying Attention: Jeff Knox  may be the least famous golfer to ever play in The Masters.

You would have to be one of the kings of golf minutiae to recognize his name: He is the tournament’s official “marker”, an extra non-competing amateur player who plays with one of the tournament’s competitors to round out the field if another competitor has had to drop out for any reason or the field ended up with an uneven number of players due to the cut.  He is every weekend golfer’s dream, because just getting invited to The Masters requires that a golfer be among the very best in the sport. But Knox is no weekend hacker but a superb golfer and he has proven in the past that he can hang with some of the sport’s greats.
Click through above and through the ClickPak below to read the incredible story of the “player to be named later”–Jeff Knox, the official “Marker” of The Masters. It’s just one small part of a “tradition unlike any other.” Enjoy the final round.
A Jeff Knox ClickPak
The day Bubba Met Jeff
A Representative of The Club
Mr. Knox Will Play With You.
The Jeff Knox Story
The Not-So-Average Golfer
The Fine Print: Image of Jeff Knox and Bubba Watson courtesy of Getty Images (really, if you’ve got a non-profit blog going–and this one is about as non-profit as they get–you should investigate the very generous image availability from Getty. ) Our deepest thanks to them for sharing. 

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