Doves Cry

Transitions: Prince (1958-2016).
Prince Rogers Nelson, know to his fans throughout the world as Prince (when he wasn’t going by the title of “the artist formerly known as Prince”) was found unconscious in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate/recording studio complex outside Minneapolis today. Attempts to revive him failed; his death was announced and confirmed by his publicist. He was intelligent, explosively talented, intensely private, fiercely independent and creatively fearless.  Prince leaves behind a massive legacy of music (released and unreleased), a trail of highly inventive musical styles, stashes of awards including Grammies and an Academy Award, and perhaps the greatest entertainment performance in Super Bowl history–his halftime show for Super Bowl XLIX, performed–flawlessly and powerfully–in a brutal downpour. His energy, creativity, and commitment to artists rights cannot be replaced.

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The Superbowl Concert

Cream (Video)

The Fine Print: Photo of Prince courtesy of Getty Images, who continue to step up with the photos of our times.  Thanks for sharing. 

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